inscriptions for headstones

inscriptions for headstones“This is the loudest, liveliest cemetery you will ever encounter, teeming with the voices of those who refuse to rest in peace.  If you are looking for aliens, basketball phenoms, Lakota Indians, GIFs, ladybug infestations, mescaline, puppets, God, the Orion nebula, CGI, guys named Gary, Barthelemian fathers and sons, or yellowjackets carrying venom extracted from dead snake heads, you will find them all here.  One part prayer book, one part party game, Inscriptions for Headstones is exquisitely, exactingly appreciative of life’s most potent, fleeting, and confounding moments.  To quote one headstone contained herein, it is as though Vollmer has ‘dialed into a secret radio station or [is] listening with a stethoscope to the heart of universe.’”
– Wendy Brenner, author of PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD