A Book of Uncommon Prayer

BookofUncommonPrayer1greybgredletterswhitecircles6Collects everyday invocations from over 60 acclaimed and emerging authors. Edited by Matthew Vollmer, and inspired by the Anglican original, the anthology spans a remarkable range of beliefs and inclinations, producing a kaleidoscopic portrait of contemporary concerns, from the heart-wrenching to the irreverent. All proceeds will benefit 826 Valencia, which is “dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their writing skills, and to helping teachers get excited about the literary arts.” From Outpost19. Ordering options here: http://www.outpost19.com/UncommonPrayer/

Small Press Review says: “Perhaps the greatest success of this anthology is its ability to remind us that, despite our subjective dogmas or lack thereof, there is an ever-present mystery sewn into life, whether we call it god or science, and we are all part of a grand design worthy of contemplation and reverence.”

Atticus Review says: “The anthology thoroughly traverses the emotional spectrum from polar to polar, stopping at times to contemplate the in-betweens, maybes, and not-quite-sures. In its largest scope, it seems to be about becoming a better person, as traditional prayer often is—and praying for those unlikely to receive it. It’s a lesson in universal understanding—the question: ‘If you don’t believe in a divine presence or god and someone asks you to… what would happen?’”